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André DeSaint ft. Curtis Williams (of Two-9) - Triple Six

André DeSaint ft. Curtis Williams (of Two-9) - Triple Six




Check out this new song that debuted last week from PayUp Game! member André DeSaint. Produced by The Silence Killers (TSK) and featuring Two-9's Curtis Williams, this is the first release off André DeSaint's upcoming project Old Dreams//New Themes.

What The Fuck Is Going On With Gucci Mane

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Well social media has attacked again. Everyone's favorite bipolar rapper was running wild on twitter yesterday. Not only did he attack Waka Flocka AGAIN, he also went at members in his own camp (Frenchie, OJ Da Juiceman), Rocko, TI's wife Tiny, Nicki Minaj, Drake, French Montana, and Tyga (???).


2013 VMAs

The VMA’s.

What the fuck was this bullshit? Better yet, seeing the bullshit unfold, why did I waste 2 and a half hours of my life watching it? I’ll tell you why. I didn’t want to be the one person on the planet not knowing what paid Twitter’s light bill, but I’m telling you…. when judgment day comes and I roll up to the gates, Saint Peter better gimme enough credit for this to wipe out that time I um….. well….. nevermind.

Kendrick Lamar - Control

Kendrick Lamar - control

Well unless you've been living under a rock which was under another rock which was covered up by a thick layer of mud in a place where there was no wifi, electricity or AAA to save your ass, I'm sure you heard (or heard about) this song "Control" with Kendrick Lamar.

State of the Union

Been a long time since I've written a blog. I been real busy trying to handle some other ventures and working on promoting the upcoming N.I.K.E. mixtape. But this blog is gonna be used to update everybody to what's going on with Hevy Traffick.

Won't Break Me

The intent of the video was to convey a mixture of emotions that were poured into the song. We went for the "simple but effective" route with this visual. Everything about it, from the magnificent backdrop of the Talmidge Bridge/Hutchinson Island to the scene at his father's grave in Bonaventure Cementary, was deliberate. We wanted to give the viewer an inside look at Reason. People are still asking me "is this song real". And I can tell you, yes, this song is as real as it gets.

Goodbye To Tantra

Tomorrow is the end of a good run. Tantra Lounge on Broughton Street is closing down. Man....me and my company had a lot good memories in there.

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