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Since living in Dallas I would like to say that I’ve somewhat have ventured out to a couple of retail areas where shopping at a CITI TRENDS and RAINBOW has become less than the last resort, as a matter of fact, you will rarely see me in neither. There are too many boutiques, consignment stores, and malls in Dallas to try to get an outfit to go out in from FUCKING SHITTY TRENDS….. but that is another blog topic or two for later on… Let me get back to the issue at hand.
Because I do have access to certain stores and shopping centers in Dallas, I receive requests from family members back at home (mainly women) to buy certain items such as shoes, clothes,  and Dallas Cowboy’s apparel. I even buy items such as shoes and jewelry bring them  back home to sell. You may ask why is there such a demand from my family to shop for them in Dallas? There is only one particular reason that I can think of…. EVERYTHING IS SO DAMN CHEAP! I recently brought Dallas Cowboys apparel for my family at the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop at great prices but did not buy anything for myself. If I only would’ve  brought a keychain and showed it to my husband, he would’ve burned it immediately! I’m sorry but we are a Broncos family in this home.  Overall, I enjoy shopping for my family in Dallas and sending merchandise that they can’t buy  but I was not ready for  the request that was asked of me last week.

So I received a text from my cousin in Alaska stating that it was urgent that I need to call him; the first thing that came to my mind was that something happened to my grandmother and I called back immediately. After my cousin said hello when I called him he was straight to business. My cousin asked me to download an app by  Adidas…….on my phone that will allow him to confirm if a particular shoe was released in my city. I agreed to his request and witnessed the ugliest pair of shoes that I caught a headache by just looking at them. Ladies and gentlemen …… let me show you these ugly fuckers, the Adidas YEEZY 750’s……


I thought to myself thank GOD that these damn shoes are not here! My cousin told me to keep the app on my phone so I can know the next availability and I’m still thinking like hell no, I rather use the space for a gaming app. Now before I go any further I must give you a disclaimer…. Remember I blasted Citi Trends in the beginning of this particular blog? Well, Citi Trends was life to me back in Georgia and I never invested my money into expensive shoes because I never felt the need to. I’m a rare breed of black person; I BROUGHT MY FIRST PAIR OF RETRO JORDANS OVER THE AGE OF 30! With that being said, I never knew how serious the re-selling business was when pertaining  to shoes  that are in demand.
I consulted with one of my friends about what my cousin wanted me to do for him and me still being ignorant to the matter I brushed it off until I got this reply……


At this moment  I knew that the ugly shits were  $350 to buy but my jaw dropped when my friend told me that these hoes re-sell for  $1000-$1300 WHAT!!!

Clearly, with all this college education that I have, I’m still ignorant to A LOT of things……..



With this new knowledge that I’ve gained, I called my cousin back enthusiastic as a man getting some new vagina! At first, I thought he just wanted to have one pair to collect but NO his plans were WAY bigger for me. Cuzzo (that’s what I call him) wanted me to get as many pairs of those shoes that HE ADMITTED WAS UGLY AS FUCK TOO to re-sell. Then he proceeds to tell me he will send me money to buy the shoes, shipping, AND if I can get him 4 pairs then he will give me $500 WHAT!!!! I get $ 500 dollars to shop!  I MADE EVERYONE IN MY HOME INSTALL THAT APP I’M LETTING HIM KNOW WHEN THEY ARRIVE!  From this experience, I can definitely now say that I can add SHOE PLUG to my resume of side hustles.

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