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Yup, Still Hate Daredevil

So I finally buckled down and watched the Daredevil installment of the Marvel series on Netflix.  Turns out there are actually 2 seasons so I committed to knocking out both.  I liked this version of the story because it was kinda different than what we've seen but I still stand firm; I just don't like the guy.  No matter who plays him, no matter what the story line is, Daredevil is still kind of a douche LOL.  
The season 1 story was so good that I almost thought I would get over the hump.  Great cast, everybody worked, and I peeped all the shout outs to some of the other series.  But the great cast and writing worked against Daredevil, I think, because after a couple episodes of season 2, it was his part of the story I stopped caring about.  I was more interested in what was going on with everybody else.  They had some nice throwbacks to season 1, introduced the Punisher (OMG, he was the illest!) and who else but Elektra.  You better come on, Marvel!  The show had all the right ingredients but Daredevil still don't do it for me.
You know what I think it is?  We grow a fondness for most of these superheroes who compromise their own lives to protect their cities, but Daredevil does it with such.....arrogance.  Some of the shit he says about "his" city needing him to save it made me just squint at the screen like really, nigga?  Don't get me wrong - it's great that you have these gifts that allow you to do things most people can't and that you've chosen to use those powers for good.  We appreciate that shit LOL.  But people like other superheroes because they're humble.  They also have other shit to do, which they tend to be doing when they happen to stumble upon some mess going down and decide to help out.  Who goes out at night TROLLING for muhfuckas to save?  Get a fucken life LOL.  
Now maybe I'm being too hard on the man, but I feel a way about folks with these delusions of grandeur that make them think it's okay to shit on their friends, out here tap dancing for random strangers.  What about your peoples?  You the dude in the hood that'll leave his man hung out over a bitch LOL.  I got no love for you, Daredevil.  No love.

But if you happen to be a fan, check these joints out.  The story was well done, IMO, and despite my personal feelings for the Daredevil character, I'm curious what they do with season 3.  I think The Iron Fist is the next one due out, early next year.  Not at all familiar with his story but I'll be watching!


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