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What Natural Hair Mean To Me/I'm A Bundle Virgin

You know my hair is my shit, rode the ride, I gave it time but this here is mine.- Solange Knowles "Don't Touch My Hair"

Since my last trip to Georgia, I've been wearing an abundance of wigs. I've  been wearing these wigs not by choice but out of convenience; I work and go to school both at a  full time schedule so the hair salon is not always an option for me. I want to include that I HATE WEARING WIGS AND WEAVES! Until this semester I would only wear a wig when wearing a costume otherwise, I wear a natural hairstyle. Wigs and weaves are nasty to me , they become matted and then shed. Your scalp sweats and the weave becomes stank and musty. I know that you can use items that can alleviate all of those things but I still feel that wearing your natural hair has always been a better option if you are able to do so. 

When I first went natural (no relaxer) 3 years ago, my decision was the hardest process/greatest reward towards beauty that I've ever experienced. I went through a phase where I could not do anything with my hair because I had 2 different hair textures and a phase of chopping all of my hair off. I was criticized and made fun of by my own family members for making my decision but I still stayed true to my purpose. My friends told me that I could not be natural because my hair was too thick and being natural would never work for my hair texture. 

Well I'm glad that I did not listen to them......

 After I became natural, I've gained a sense of spiritual enlightenment. My vegan aunt once told me that becoming natural and not hiding your natural hair actually helps you become more aware of the universe, I think that there may be some truth to what she told me. Because of my natural hair status, I feel like I'm more aware and deeply concerned for global relations and how it impacts my people. I personally have changed in how I carry myself (except in the month of October) and altered my lifestyle from the food I eat to my weekly exercise. Now I don't know if me becoming natural has been the full culprit, but I never started caring about these things until after my natural hair status. 

Plus....I've always felt that a black woman who wears her natural coils shows confidence and power to the world. Her true beauty is not hidden and she is not afraid to show it.

In reality I'm a woman and we tend to change our minds often. As mentioned earlier I wear weaves now for the moment and I can honestly say that I've never brought bundles. I have a competition coming up  next month and I may get my first install. I'm really ignorant to the bundle game because bundles hit the scene when I became fully natural. Any woman reading this and knows about bundles, can you give me some suggestions on the type of hair to buy because I have no clue on where to start!


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