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Tips For My Big And Tall Men

We come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it can be difficult to find clothing that not only fits our personal style, but also our body.
The average size of an adult male in the US is about 5 feet 10 inches and 195 pounds with a waist circumference of 39 inches. Unfortunately, many of us deviate from that average. Most men can buy straight off of the rack while our larger guys find a harder time buying clothes. Regardless of what size you are, you can look stylish with these savvy tips.

Befriend a Tailor

Unfortunately, if you happen to be bigger and taller than average, it likely means that you won't be able to shop off the rack. Clothing straight off the rack will most likely fit you poorly, with potential bulges, wrinkles, and extra fabric giving you a sloppy appearance. No man should want a sloppy appearance. It is worth the small sum your tailor will charge you to make your suit fit perfectly. Find a tailor that you are comfortable with and stick with that person. They will become familiar with your body size and know exactly what you need when you bring in a new piece of clothing. The better you look, the better you'll feel. 

Wear Clothes That Fit

The man thing that any man who wants to look his best needs to do is wear clothes that fit him. Many men who are heavy set or very tall tend to wear shirts that have boxy cuts. Wearing clothes that are too big will make you look even larger, as they will add bulk to your body. However if you wear clothes that are too small it will make you look larger than you are, as it will seem like your clothes are strangling you. That is why having a tailor to adjust your clothes to fit just right is essential. As a tip, when shopping, choose a piece that is slightly larger (preferably just in one or two areas) to have it tailored properly. 

Wear Light Weight Fabric

Light weight fabrics are the kinds of materials our big and tall men should be shopping for. Look for clothes made from tropical wool or cotton. They are light and wont add bulkiness to your overall image. They won't make you sweat easily and they can be layered easily.

Wear the Right Pants

If you are a big and tall man, the best thing you can do to flatter your body is to wear your pants high, around your natural waist, above your hips. This way, the fabric will drape over your stomach and fall smoothly down your body. Mid-rise pants are the best way to go, as low-rise pants or high-rise pants will make you look bigger than you really are.

Wear a Jacket

Jackets are amazing style pieces, as they add structure to an outfit and give your body a better shape. Modern jackets are generally designed to have a leveling effect, making your body look as close as possible to a square hourglass. 
Bigger men look better in single-breasted suits that button quite low. This will create a very deep V shape, making you look leaner and longer. Make sure that your jacket is loose enough so you can raise your arms in it and long enough so that it covers your tush when you are standing.
Go for jackets that feature bigger details, such as bigger pockets or wider lapels. Also, most stylists would recommend wearing a double-vented jacket, as the two vents add flexibility and shape to your appearance.

Wear Wide Ties

Ties are the most common piece of accessory worn by men world-wide. A good tie gives a man elegance and a refined look. There are a lot of things you should know about ties, but if you are a big and tall guy, the main thing you should look out for is that your tie is wider than average. Contrary to popular belief, ties come in all shapes and sizes and bigger men always look better in wider ties. Make sure that when you tie it, the tip of the tie reaches the upper line of your belt and that it doesn’t end higher or lower than that!

Wear Vertical Stripes

This is probably one of the most common style advice given to big men: wear vertical stripes. It is true that vertical stripes are slimming, they will make you look more dynamic and will enhance your overall look. But, because we always like to take things one step further, we can say that we generally recommend that bigger men should wear thin stripes rather than thick ones.  So if you wear a dark shirt, with a spread collar and thin, vertical stripes, you are on the right way!

Wear Dark Colors

Choosing the right colors for you can have a very big impact on the way you look. Big men usually look best in dark colors, such as brown, black, etc. We’re not saying you should not wear other colors, but we recommend that they should be quite on the dark side. So, for example, if you want to wear green, don’t opt for a bright green, but rather go for a darker shade.
Now that you have these tips, you can be more confident and know that wherever you go and whichever style you like to dress in, applying these guidelines will make you look better and a lot more elegant!

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