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Things That Need Not Make It To 2017

My list of things that need not make it to 2017:

•Females wearing chokers. This is getting outrageous. Y'all are wearing anything as a "choker". Telephone cords. Hangars. Fences. Just stop. That should have been dead in the 90s.
•Dudes flashing money on the internet and not having life insurance. Look man...I'm all for y'all "flexin" (if you lame enough to do that...no judgement from me) on facebook and instagram. But when y'all niggas die, don't have y'all family round here with gofundme accounts and fish dinners. Take that money you flashing and put aside $20 a month for life insurance. It's worth it.
•Ladies, quit going on facebook live rubbing y'all hands through that stiff ass weave. We understand some thirsty ass clown has jumped in y'all inbox and told you you were sexy or some other lie, but chill. We don't wanna see you in your raggedy car, your dirty bedroom, or at your stupid job patting that cheap ass weave on facebook live.
•Fellas, quit telling EVERY female she's a "queen", a "goddess" or any other title that a woman showing her ass and looking slutty should NOT be called. Call her what she is...an attention whore.
•Every time someone has a video that gets "leaked" of them sucking dick, quit running to Facebook asking to see the video. Believe it or not, women suck dick everyday B.
•Fellas, stop lying to these women about wanting to be with them. Y'all driving these women batshit crazy. Y'all got them out here finding their "king" 3 or 4 times a year. 
•Stop saying you went to Atlanta or Jacksonville for a "vacation". You're in Savannah. That is NOT a goddamn vacation. An hour and a half or 4 hour ride is not a fuckin vacation. Grow up.
•Dudes, quit being thirst buckets on these ladies pictures. Most of these chicks really ain't paying you ANY attention. Wanna know how I know? When she post a picture and you leave some old thirsty comment like "damn I wish I had you", and she overlooks your comment to reply to her homegirl that puts the emoji with the heart eyes on the picture...you look stupid. Stop.
•Ladies, for the love of all things holy, stop putting on that scented lotion and saying that's a bath. It's not a fuckin bath. You smell like a strawberry locker room. That shit ain't cool.
•Stop arguing with imaginary people. You know those make believe "haters" you have so much of. Folks are laughing at you. Not with you.
•Dudes, stop dick riding other men. It's cool to support each other, but quit jumping in folks comments calling em "big bro" and all that other shit when them boys don't really know you like that. 
•The male groupies HAS to be left in 2016. Quit running up on dudes asking to take pictures JUST so you can post it on the internet. That's quite feminine. 
•Tight jeans. Men should not wear the same size jeans their girlfriend has.
•Fellas, be a father to your sons. We got some punk ass lil kids being raised by their mothers. Some of these ladies dressing their sons up like women and letting them be soft as wet napkins. Be a father fam.
•Ladies, take that "for booking info" shit out your profile. Just cause you take pictures in your underwear in your living room does not make you a model. Hate to be the one to tell you that, but hey...
•That new year, new me spill. Shut up. You're still going to be doing the same trifling shit you been doing since 2010. And we just don't give a fuck in the grand scheme of things.
•Fellas, quit saying you're "petty". That shit makes you look extremely woman-ish. Real men should never strive to be "petty".

I hope everybody is safe for the new year. Have some fun. Start a savings account. Exercise. Drink more water. Get tested. Be productive. Believe it or not, I love all of y'all....ok that's my last lie of 2016. I hate most of y'all. But don't take it personal. It's only entertainment.

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