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Nobody's Perfect

So my girlfriend emails me about this date she had on Friday.  I was a little thrown because she had already said she didn't like the guy but she said she went out with him just to make sure her initial position wasn't taken in haste.  Okay, I guess I get that.  Long story short, her initial thoughts were confirmed but she left the date feeling a way about herself.  At some point during the date, the guy asked her what took her so long to give him a chance, because he didn't know what she was looking for but nobody's perfect.  It left her to question whether she was being too picky and expecting someone to be perfect. 

a) There's nothing wrong with a little introspection - kudos for stopping to take a look at yourself.

b) Dude is absolutely right - nobody is perfect - but just because you're not gonna be perfect doesn't mean you shouldn't at least be fucking viable LOL.

Dudes kill me with that.  That's one of those things sub-par muthafuckas say to mitigate their fuckboy-ness LOL  Now you just superficial and shit cause you recognize somebody ain't checking quite enough boxes.... or any fucken boxes.  Nobody's perfect.  That means maybe your teeth might be a little crooked (I have a special place in my heart, personally, for crooked smiles), it DON'T mean the one in the front should be all the way brown LOL.  That is not okay and it's not just about your tooth being brown.  It's also about all the implications that come with your tooth being brown, like you don't take care of yourself.  Like you lack ambition.  Like you have low self-esteem.  Some random dude's gonna read this and be like "how you get all that outta that?"  Bruh LOL

Myself included, grown ass women who are after some real shit ain't just looking, we're seeing.  We're understanding, granted, on a basic level, the correlation between how you present and who you likely are.  Are we gonna get it right all the time?  Nope.  Are we gonna even catch every tell-tale sign?  Nope.  But the likelihood that you dodge a bullet behind something that screams "RUN!" is a lot higher than the likelihood of you missing your blessing.  The older and wiser you get, the more you learn to trust your instincts.  Nobody's perfect but let's not take that to the extreme of issuing passes for substandard individuals to come in and fuck up the church's money.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of superficial ass women out here who will pass on an otherwise decent guy just because he's not 6'4 or his car ain't shiny enough, just like there's dudes who will pass on an otherwise decent woman cause her ass ain't fat enough or she ain't a swimsuit model.  But real grownups tend to have real reasons for rejecting you.  You can be cute as hell, paid in full and USDA approved but still represent some shit someone doesn't want in their lives.  And it's different for every one of us.  We all - ALL, cause men reject women too - just have to accept that everything ain't for everybody and no matter what you believe you bring to the table, someone could prefer to order from a different menu. 

Such is life.

That said, ladies, please stop letting that ticking clock have you out here dating like you need a fucken green card LOL.  Be a little picky or something, damn.  Take your time.  You'll probably date a lot less but the quality will go through the roof.  And if you wanna just date random guys, there's nothing wrong with that; just know you can't build with all of them.  Some of these dudes ain't worth much more than that hour of your time to begin with, but I contend that even the temporary dude needs to check some boxes.  Because all it takes is a slip up or some unforeseen circumstances for that dude to become a permanent fixture in your life.  Think about it.  Don't set yourself up LOL

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