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#NoBeyHive But Beyoncé Is The BEST Performer Alive.

Beyonce - The Formation world Tour (Atlanta, GA)


2016 has been a good year for me and seeing artists I like and/or respect. I've seen Scarface, Outkast, Ice Cube, A$AP Ferg, Busta Rhymes, Goodie MOB, Killer Mike, T.I., Erykah Badu, Juvenile, Mystikal, Bun B AND 8Ball & MJG. And ALL of those artists are dope and I respect all of their talents, contributions, and accomplishments. But September 26th, I reached the pinnacle of the concert mountain post Michael Jackson's and Prince's untimely deaths.

First off, let me give you a disclaimer. I'm NOT a Beyonce "fan" in the sense that I'm not a "BeyHive" member and I don't own any Beyonce music in a digital or physical form. I don't know any Beyonce songs word for word. I'm not calling her a "queen", "sis", or any of that stuff like that. And in all honesty, the only reason I wanted to see Beyonce is because I missed Prince in Atlanta at Fox Theater. After Prince died, I said that I had to attend any concert of a "major" artist. Lucky for me, Beyonce was the one that was next in line.

I got to the Georgia Dome around 5:30. I don't know why, but I was under the impression that the doors opened at 5. But as I walked up, I saw all types of characters. Beyonce has the largest and most diverse fanbase I've ever seen. EVER. They finally opened the doors around 7. After I did a little people watching, I went to my seat. I got in there in just enough time to see DJ Khaled open up. I was skeptical of DJ Khaled cause that dude is so corny to me. But I got to give props when props are due. That dude knows how to get a crowd going. 

Khaled started off being Khaled. Singing his songs and just being generally unlikeable. But when this dude brought out Jeezy, all of his corny shit was gone!!! Jeezy performed his verse off Shawty Lo's "Dey Know", "Who Dat" and "Soul Survivor". I'm sure it was more shit, but I was feeling too good to really remember. Khaled then brought out Migos who went through two or three songs. Then he brought out Young Thug. And I'm not a fan or Young Thug but the crowd was into this dude. Khaled then brought out T.I. who performed "About The Money" with Young Thug. T.I. then went through a couple of his hits. After he was finished, Khaled brought out Ludacris, who in turn brought out Usher. After they were finished, Khaled brought out 2 Chainz. I got to give props when they're due, DJ Khaled is the best opening act ever. Even though he fell into the DJ booth at one point. Funny shit.

After Khaled got off stage, they ran some commercials. I know some were for Lemonade and Beyonce's clothing line Ivy Park. The rest of that shit, I didn't recognize or don't remember. After about 15 minutes of commercials, the crowd started chanting "We Want Beyonce". And man, did they get her.

She had this big ass screen on the stage and some lighting that was top notch. She rose out the stage looking like "Raiden with the yams" (credit to Naj) to the Formation song. Her dancing and performing were all on point THE WHOLE TIME.

Now I can't really give you a play by play of what happened cause for one, I was in awe of what I was seeing. And two, I was feeling real good by the time she got on stage. I know she performed "Love On Top", "Me, Myself, & I", and "Party"...the 3 songs I WANTED to see her perform. I know she performed songs off the Lemonade album and she did a melody of Destiny Child songs. And I know she ended with Halo. Which was like gospel to the girls I was sitting by. They damn near broke out in tears. Like really did start crying and shit.

Beyonce had the best performance I've ever seen. Now keep in mind, I didn't care for Michael Jackson so I never saw him live. And unfortunately, Prince died before I could see him perform. So with those two disclaimers being stated, Beyonce is the BEST performer alive. Yep, I said it and I will defend that shit until I see something better. 

Her production, her voice, her dancing, her background singers, and her goddamn drummer and guitarist were top fuckin notch. Nothing better. I promise. If you get a chance to see Beyonce live, even if you aren't a "fan", take your ass and go. It's a once in a lifetime event.

Am I a member of the BeyHive?? Not quite. But I'm damn sure a believer. 

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