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My Lip Sync Trips To Georgia

Now that I'm back from Georgia and getting back to my daily schedule from participating in my first local lip sync competition in Savannah, normality has started. 

First I would like to explain my social life living in Dallas, TX in one simple phrase: BORING AS HELL!!! MI'any factors come into play for my social boredom; one factor is that I'm married and my lovely hubby is also a social hermit. He says that I'm his connection to the outside world. Go figure! 

Another MAJOR factor is that I'm a full-time student at a prestigious women's university in Texas for health majors. Which means that I consume most of my time preparing for assignments that are so tedious, that I've been known to pull 12 hour shifts in the library just to make a passing grade for one class!

Finally I can say that because I'm not a native of Dallas, I don't go many places by myself or make too many new people to be friends; if you were in my position, would you? Just think about it. Moving from Savannah to a city that is 3 times bigger than Atlanta, would you invite everyone to your home? Not me!

I do things for fun, buy my fun is "wife fun". Like catching the candle sale at Bath and Body Works, followed by going to Trader Joes for some riced cauliflower and going to the nail shop for a pedicure. In my 30's, I'm completely blessed and privileged for the opportunity to have this lifestyle but at times, I miss the nightlife. 

That's where me traveling home comes into play; since I'm not a weekly club hopper and I miss my family from time to time, I go home to party with my family. I can go home and enjoy the nightlife without worrying about going to jail or getting in an accident. My mom is a very good designated driver!

The most important aspect about coming home is that I get to perform in the lip sync at the local clubs. I know that this may be silly, but I perform for my family. My mother and grandmother both love to see me perform. because as people say, "back in the day", my grandmother used to give fashion shows and parties in the local clubs in Savannah. I grew up hearing about places like Raymond's, Carousel, and RD's in my home. I saw how much praise my grandmother got from the city when she hosted one of her shows. 

My first performance was after the Fall 15 semester and I wanted to celebrate because I made the Dean's List. I don't know if it was the fruity drinks full of liquor or the taste of the fried chicken that made me have the courage to perform. But I said "Fuck it, I'm home". Not only did I give a good performance, I won that night and was asked to come back for the competition a month away. Despite the fact that I almost bust my ass in the heels that I had on while performing.

My last performance before the competition this past weekend was in June for a benefit. I try to perform popular songs and for the performance I decided to do Ghost Town City DJ's My Boo. For some reason, this song was new to the younger generation at the time on social media. When I tell you that my performance was personally, a complete disaster.I could not describe the situation any better! I ran out of breath and my outfit looked horrible on me. I wanted to perform again in July but was not motivated to do a performance due to my last stage flop.

In August, I was asked to participate in my first completion and of course, I said yes immediately. Upon agreeing, I never realized that hard work I may have to put in the competition if I wanted to win. Once I decided on what songs to perform, I started a six week low carb diet and practiced day and night, praying that I would win the prize.

I performed Missy Elliot's Get Your Freak On, Rhianna's Pour It Up and Sex With Me. Sadly,, I did not win nor did I place, but as usual, people said that I gave a great performance. As a side note, there were several situations that happened that night where I fully believe effected me where I could have won or placed if those situations were better, but I'l have better luck next time.

Even though I did not win a trophy and money, I still won. I was able to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks just by eating low carb and practicing for my performance. And my dancers got exposure for future gigs. I'm also their manager now! I guess I can say that internally, I won. So I partied the night away in the SAV before flying back to Dallas.

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