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Looks That Land The Job!

Scored an interview for your perfect job?! Congratulations! I know you're excited and ready to pull out that black suit and striped tie but hold on for just a second. There are actually a lot of different variations of outfits that will make a great impression at your interview!

What Are Some Basic Ground Rules For Interview Attire

First and foremost you need to understand the company culture. There is such a difference with what people wear to the office, so you should get a good grasp of that so you can show up in the right outfit. 
For example, if you're interviewing for a position with a finance company, you're going to be wearing a suit and tie. However if you show up in a suit to an interview with a cool startup company that is used to wearing casual clothes on a daily basis, they're never going to hire you. 
A couple ways to figure out the dress attire for the office is to research. Hang out in front of the office and just evaluate your surroundings or if you have a contact who works at the company, get a heads up as to what people wear. 
Lets go through a few scenarios! 



What should you wear at a very conservative office, like a bank or law firm?
Think Conservative and classic. You want to make sure you are going with your textbook suit. Make sure you wear traditional colors such as blue, black, and grey. Get your shoes shines and make sure your suit has been well pressed so that you are looking as sharp as possible. 
Tailoring is very important also. You want your suit to have a modern fit. What happens in most cases is that people have their "interview suit" just sitting in the closet for years without any tailoring and it becomes either too big or too small. Get something that is going to be really sharp and isn't going to look dated. 

Business Casual 

When you have in interview with a company that isn't as strict as your corporate offices are,  you have a little more freedom. Depending on how casual the office is you may want to wear slacks and a button down or if its very casual you can wear jeans and pair it with a dress shirt and sport coat without a tie. With casual companies jeans are perfectly fine, you just want to dress them up. 


You want to show your sense of style but you also want to keep it conservative, no matter what company it is. Jewelry is OK but just make sure it is not distracting, jingling or too bulky. 
If you walk in with sunglasses on, DO NOT put them on top of your head. Put them away in a bag or leave them in the car. It looks sloppy and unprofessional when you have your sunglasses on.
Finally, you always hear the advice about covering up your tattoos. If you are going for the suit and tie kind of job, make sure you have everything covered. If it is a more casual job that does not mind piercings or tattoos it is ok to have them showing. 

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