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Legends of the South Tour - Atlanta 3/19/2016

Legends Of The South Tour - 3/19/2016 (Atlanta, GA)


This year, I sacrificed my usual ritual of partying in downtown Savannah for St. Patrick's Day to make a trip to Atlanta for the Legends of the South tour. I had seen all the people performing at one point or another, but I was like fuck it...I hadn't been to a REAL concert in damn near a year or so. And this was no disappointing trip either.

We got to Fox Theater around 7. The line was long as hell, which was to be expected, considering how the tickets sold out so fast, they had to add an extra show for that Sunday. Fox Theater is a cool venue for live performances. I hadn't been in Fox Theater in years but this was the perfect venue for this. A hell of a lot better than Tabernacle would have been.

But when we first got inside, it was a comedian on the stage whose name I cannot remember for shit. But buddy was kinda funny. He was making jokes about how all people in Atlanta do is fuck, smoke and party. He was also doing the tootsie roll, which for some reason was hilarious to me. Silly shit.

Pastor Troy came out first. Now I've seen Pastor Troy probably about 10 times over the years, but outside of the Outkast concert a couple of years back, this was his best performance. He came on stage with that big ass championship belt to This The City, which of course got all the folks from Atlanta hype. He talked a lil shit and ran through a couple of other songs. About midway through his performance, he brought out a group of dudes who danced. Now I'm not into dudes dancing, but these boys showed out. They did the old Atlanta dances...Rag Top, Pop Lockin and shit like that. Then Pastor Troy broke into Help Me Rhonda and this was when the place came unglued. Of course all the ladies sung the female's verse (and I was kind of hoping Rasheeda would have came out and done her part but it didn't happen). Then right after that, he broke into Vice Versa. And the energy the crowd gave Pastor Troy was incredible. He stopped after his first verse, but the crowd broke into the second verse without the beat and Pastor Troy just smiled from ear to ear. And he finished off his set with No Mo Play In GA, which will always be a classic. He set the tone for the rest of the night with his performance. 

Next up was Bun B. I remember the first time I saw UGK perform live was in Atlanta back in 2002. And it was just a great feeling to see both Bun B and Pimp C on stage together. Now Bun B has always been a very capable rapper, but seeing him without Pimp C was a let down to be honest. Pimp C was the energy of the group. Bun B first came out on stage and performed him and Pimp C's verse off International Players Anthem, which is still one of my favorite songs EVER. After that, Bun told the crowd to light it up for Pimp. And of course, the crowd followed his command. The weed smell took over Fox Theater. Bun then ran through songs like Murder, One Day, Pocket Full of Stones and his verse off the California remix. He then finished his set with Big Pimpin and he let the crowd rap Pimp C's verse...which actually gave me goosebumps.

Then my boy Trick Daddy came out to a thunderous ovation. I've seen Trick Daddy perform in big clubs, hole in the wall clubs, big venues, and small venues. And every time he performed, he gave it 1000%. This time would be no different. After talking shit to the sound man, he ran through songs like I'm So Hood, Bet That, Shut Up, Scarred and In Da Wind. Then he stopped the music and chastised the crowd for allowing "niggas in tight jeans and girl clothes to take over the rap scene in Atlanta". Greatness. At the end of the rant, he went into Na'an Nigga which is still classic. One thing about Trick Daddy, you might night not like his music, but you're going to love his performance.

After a quick intermission (and me paying $35 for two drinks and a bottle of water), we came back to 8Ball & MJG on stage performing Armed Robbery. I don't care how many times I hear this song, I will always rap along to it. After that, they performed Lay It Down which will always get a response in ANY southern venue this song gets played. But of course, most of their music is laid back pimp shit, so of course they had to slow it down. But with songs like Space Age Pimpin, My Homeboy's Girlfriend, Mr. Big, and Coming Out Hard, you can't really go wrong. 8Ball gave a quick speech about he just saw his dad for the first time since he was kid, which was pretty cool. Then he took a snapchat for his son.

By the time Juvenile came out, those expensive ass drinks were hitting me. And now I realized why the drinks were so damn high. There was absolutely NO chaser in them!!!! But of course Juvenile came out to Set It Off. For some reason, I always forget about that song, but when that beat comes on, it brings back memories. Rich Niggaz came next which was awesome. After doing Lil Wayne's verse, he let the crowd sing his verse. And of course they did not disappoint. Juvenile then let the crowd know he was feeling good and that he was going to let some songs play that he didn't rap on because he felt good. Still Fly came on and the crowd lost it! I Need A Hot Girl was next and the ladies loved that shit. After B.G.'s verse, he stopped the music and let it be known that without no B.G., it would be no Hot Boy album. Then he went into Nolia Clap. After that, he let it be known that he fucked with Bankroll Fresh and went into Ballin Like A Hot Boy which was pretty cool to see. Then he gave respect to Soulja Slim and performed Slow Motion. Then he came with Ha, which is still my favorite Juvenile song. And of course he closed it out with Back Dat Azz Up, which had ALL the ladies shaking their ass and shit. Good times.

Last up was Mystikal. Now I hadn't seen him perform since his No Limit days. So I was hype for this. And to be honest, I was not impressed. It started out good. He came out to It Ain't My Fault. Which was live as fuck. Then he went into Where The Hot Boys At, which is a great verse. He then stopped the music and talked about how it felt good to be back in Atlanta. Then he KILLED Beware and Here I Go before introducing KLC. I ain't goin lie, I LOVED KLC as a producer. So to see him out there DJing was dope. KLC mixed for about 5 minutes. And then Mystikal lost me. He started performing his "newer" music. And judging by the people around us, he lost them too. After about 2 "newer" Mystikal songs, folks started making their way to the exits. I'll just chalk it up to wanting to beat traffic.

But overall I enjoyed it. It was definitely worth the $75.50. 

Pastor Troy: ****

Bun B: ***1/2

Trick Daddy: ****

8Ball & MJG: ***3/4

Juvenile: *****

Mystikal: ***

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