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Halloween In The City 2016 - Part 2: The Annual Block Party

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween last weekend and this past Monday, especially people like me who wait 51 weeks for this one week a year where you can dress up in any character that your imagination desires! Halloween is the one holiday where you can act like a kid and drink like an adult at the SAME DAMN TIME……I love Halloween! Two weekends ago I went to a house party full dressed as a cute little Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers but for my next event this past Halloween season, cute was not going to cut it. Last weekend, I attended the Oak Lawn Annual Block Party in Cedar Springs hosted by the Dallas/Fort Worth Gay Association and it was live!

Well first let me give you my personal rationale for partying with the gay community. In Dallas as a married woman who likes to go clubbing on occasions, I cannot just walk into a bar or club dressed nice and smelling good and not expect a man to want to talk to me. I eliminate that problem by attending some events in Dallas that is hosted by the gay community. As a spouse, I feel safe in the environment and I’m sorry if anyone disagrees with me when I say this but GAYS IN THE CITY THROW THE BEST EVENTS! I’ve never been disappointed so far!

I could’ve worn my costume that I wore last week but FUCK THAT!  My husband gives me a hall pass once a year to roam the streets as sexy as I want to be I’ll take that! This year I finally got to spend Halloween with my sisters and they wanted to be Chucky dolls so I decided to be Tiffany A.K.A.The Bride of Chucky.

My first choice this year was to be  sexy Freddy Kruger because I can finally fit into the costume but since the younger siblings  wanted to be Chucky dolls, I said what the heck I’ll be a horror bride for a change. My choice was my best choice because I got so  many compliments.

I arrived at the same time that I did last year but it was so crowded this year. The crowd was so huge that I could not take too many pictures but overall I enjoyed myself.

AND……I learned a valuable/expensive lesson that night.


I caught an Uber to the event thinking oh I can swing 20 bucks again to get back home. NO! THE RIDE HOME WAS $120!!!! That expensive ass ride home was a prime example  of how much my COUNTRY BUMKIN ASS still needs to know about living in the city.

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