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Halloween In The City 2016 - Part 1: The Kickback

Anyone who knows me personally also knows that the holiday Halloween is my favorite! Now before I move on, I must state that no I do not worship the devil, at the same time I haven’t stepped into an actual church in a long time either! I love Halloween because that holiday is the first major holiday of my favorite season; what holiday is before that, Labor Day? Labor Day is not a real holiday; Labor Day is a designated day off for another damn cookout! Some people love the fall because it’s not hot outside anymore and they can finally rock those new boots that was brought at Macy’s in June for 80% off!  Other people may like the fall because they get to go to state fairs and football games. I love the fall because for one day out for the year, I dress up as a different person and will not one person will look at me or arrest me! I take my costumes very seriously too! I don’t shop in my favorite Wal-Mart and pick up some ordinary sexy cop costume and a pair of fishnet stockings, I treat every Halloween like prom, I have expensive taste when I select my costumes.

This Halloween was slightly different for me celebrating in Dallas this year but I still kept the ongoing tradition of going to more than one event, meaning that I buy more than one costume. My husband and I was invited to a kickback, yes I said kickback meaning party with some lovely friends from St. Louis. May I add that if you’ve never partied with people from St. Louis, then you need to do so…. IMMEDIATELY! Every time that I hang out with these people I get drunk!  The difference in this Halloween for me was that I traditionally buy my costume from a “BIG GURL” store or have to special order my costume because of my size but because of my recent weight loss, I was able to go into an actual Halloween store and buy an adult standard large costume, I was shocked and happy at the same time in the dressing room. I truly believe that this Halloween I was one of the cutest Luigis from Mario Brothers ever!

The party was what I needed to jump my Halloween off right and Keto (The low-carb diet that I'm on) did not exist after I tasted my first delicious alcoholic drink! When I told the host that I was on a low-carb diet while she was making my drink she gave me this priceless look back as if she was saying "FUCK a diet tonight" and that's exactly what I did.... I’m pretty sure the mister did as he kept handing me shooters!

Pecan Praline Shooter

Fuzzy Navel

I still have somewhat of a slight sugar rush but I enjoyed myself. We also won the contest for the best costume, a $25.00 gift card to Applebee’s! I used that bad boy for dinner for on the next day!

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