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There's so much talk about this lately, ghosting must be at an all-time high.  And that's terrible, cause ghosting is some sucka shit and that means cowardice is becoming an epidemic.  SMH

Now I know it's hard to believe - you're probably sitting there reading this like "Dig's been ghosted???  Amazing ass Dig???"  LMAO!  Yes, buttercup, even amazing ass Dig has been ghosted LOL.  Most single people out here actively dating have been and I gotta tell you, at first, that shit fucked me up.  Like.... we was good, WTF happened?  Going back through the last time we talked or hung out, trying to see what I did or if we had an argument I ain't realize was an argument at the time.... just trying to figure the shit out.  And women, we think up all kinds of potential explanations.  Maybe he didn't pay his bill.  Maybe he lost his phone.  Did he get locked up?  Did he get in a horrible car accident and is laid up in somebody's hospital? 
[*staring into the camera*]  
The first time or two, we'll think up just about anything to keep from accepting the fact that somebody just moved on.  Why?  It's not because we're so hung up on the person that we can't let it go.  It's because simply disappearing on somebody who at least THINKS you really dig them is a fucked up thing to do, and we don't want to admit that this person we thought so highly of would be such a fucked up individual, so there HAS to be some explanation.  Well, there is but.... you ain't gon like it LOL.  That's why dudes ghost in the first place, in my opinion, to avoid the confrontation.  If they hurt your feelings, or God forbid, make you CRY?  Automatic bad guy.  If they just skate, they don't have to be accountable for any of that cause it's like it never really happened.  
Except it did.
So I repeat: ghosting is WACK - I have NO respect for it.  Once someone is worth "seeing where it goes" with, they should also be worth a heads up if things change.  With that being said, by all means, PLEASE feel free to be out, should you ever feel compelled.  Bounce while my memories of you consist of those few good times we had and not some fucked up shit you were bound to do eventually.  But if you decide THIS is how you wanna make your exit, please know that traffic in the ghost lane only flows in one direction.  Don't bring your ass back.

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