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Don't Let Patterns Scare You

Hey Men! Lets talk for a second. I know mixing patterns is scary because you don't want your outfit to do TOO much but you don't want to look plain. So here are a few rules that can help you figure out the concept of mixing patterns the right way. 
So if you are a beginner with mixing patterns, you want to start off with two of the same patterns. For example, a striped suit and striped shirt. When you mix two of the same patterns such as stripes, you have to make sure the patterns are different sizes. If you wear a wide pinstripe suit, you should pair it with a thin pinstripe shirt.   
If you have a large windowpane suit on and want to mix it with a checkered shirt, you have to be aware of the sizes. A large windowpane suit can be paired with a small gingham patterned shirt. You can mix the same patterns just make sure that they do not clash!
Mixing two different patterns is when you have to start paying special attention. For example lets say you want to mix polka dots and checks.  If the checks on your suit are smaller, make sure your polka dot tie has smaller dots. 
When mixing two pattern such as windowpane and stripes, don't choose patterns that are too small because they will be hard to distinguish. A wide striped tie and medium sized checkered shirt or suit would be perfect. 
Now to the hard part! Three or more patterns. You have to have some experience in mixing patterns so that you can pull it off. If you don’t do it right you will look silly, and you have to be confident that you can wear three patterns. Not everybody likes it and if it is not your style don’t do it. 
When you start making the transition to three patterns you have to make sure that all the patterns are close in size. You can go with two same patterns and one different. The two same patterns should be the same size and the other should be the opposite. 
If the suit you are wearing has large checks,your tie can have the same pattern but much smaller and should be close in size with the stripes of the shirt and dots of the pocket square.
Wearing suits should not be something you dread. Dressing up should be fun and always remember to be confident with your patterns! 

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