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6 Closet Hacks That Will Help You Dress Better

When was the last time you organized your closet, and I mean ORGANIZED it? Creating the most optimal workflow to efficiently find and combine pieces of clothing so that you can feel confident that you look your best every day? If you're like most guys, your response is: "Uh, never?"
It's ok if you haven't organized your closet. The problem for anyone is able to see the trees from the forest when it comes to your day-to-day style options. In order to create an amazing outfit your closet should have clear organization, clear choices, and minimal clutter.


1. Keep or Toss?

There is a three-part test for determining if you should keep or toss an item. Whatever the item is, it has to be something you Like, Use, and Wear. You have to like something , actively use it, and have worn it at least once in the past year. Haven't worn it in a year? Automatic toss. Not certain you like it? Toss. Enjoy that paisley tux jacket you snagged on sale but never worn it? Toss!
It can be terrifying to throw away your stuff, especially if they carry sentimental value. To make it easier, do one area at a time. Start with small areas like your socks and then go to t-shirts.

2. Does It Belong In Your Closet?

This one is simple: Does a particular item absolutely have to be in your closet? Keeping only must-be-hung items in your closet will enable it to look and feel less cluttered. Non-hanging items should be folded into a small rectangle then stored vertically.

3. Hot and Cold Zones

There is a savvy personal organizing hack called Hot and Cold Zones! Hot Zones are for items you wear more often and should be kept in reach. Cold Zones are where off-season attire should be stored and that is on the top of the closet, or the extreme ends. 

4. Hang by Category

For hanging clothes, break them down by style. When organizing tops, for example, hang by short sleeve, long sleeve, then sport coats, and so on. Same with pants: dress, khakis, jeans. Always organize your items by color also. Then you can see what you have, and its easier and takes less time to put together an outfit. If possible fold items like sweaters and sweatshirts because they're probably not what you're picking out for work in the morning. If hanging sweaters and sweatshirts, do so in groups.

5. Tie Rack 

Picking up a horizontally oriented tie rack is a great way to store your ties. Some guys like to roll them up but since you are trying to see all parts of your wardrobe, hanging them thinly as possible is the best option. 

6. Invest in Decent Hangers

There's a few reasons you should upgrade your hangers. Matching hangers create a visually uniform presentation. Also your clothes won't fall off the hanger or hang improperly. Proper hangers also protect your clothes. Nothing can distort the shoulders of a suit jacket or blazer than an ill-fitting, too thin hanger. You can find ridiculously cheap wood hangers at Ikea or Target. 

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