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10 Menswear Pieces You Should Own In 2017

New Year’s Resolutions are a nice idea and everything, but all of that doesn’t do much for a man’s soul. Sure, it’s fun to imagine that you’ll give up drinking or take up singing lessons, but the reality is that beer tastes good and you’re not Usher. (Unless you are, in which case, welcome, I'm a HUGE fan.)
A much more realistic and fulfilling resolution is this: to finally invest in all those wardrobe staples that you neglected in 2016. Here are 10 items to get serious about in the New Year.
Though we rarely suggest wearing your work suit after hours, investing in a sharp all-rounder that doesn’t look out of place wherever it is worn can pay dividends if pressed for time or luggage space.
To tick all the boxes, a navy or charcoal version in a slim-to-classic fit is best. Pure wool (as opposed to an artificial blend) comes highly recommended, as do subtle tailoring details such as ticket pockets and notched lapels.
So fundamental that it’s often overlooked, a good quality white shirt serves as your blank canvas for the year. Sport them at everything from work to weddings, christenings to Christmas drinks (yes, they’ll be back around again soon).
Opt for high thread count shirts in good quality cotton. Anything less is a yellowing, shrinking, fraying false economy.
An understated watch. Yes, you’ve got a clock on your phone screen but nothing sets off a cuff like the slightest hint of leather and precious metal below it. Every man should own at least two nice watches.
Bomber Jackets are one of the hottest casual jackets out right now. They are lightweight and stylish. Pair them with a nice pair of denim jeans or khakis. They come in multiple colors and designs. Stray away from the solid colors a bit and try a design!
When you put on your nice tailored suit, the last thing you want is a bulge in your back pocket. Buy a nice slim cardholder to eliminate the wrinkles.
A nice blazer will make sure that you don't overwhelm a room with a full suit when the occasion doesn't call for it. But it can also separate you from the crowd a bit.
For the colder months, a wool top coat will perfectly go over your suits. A camel color is one of the more popular choices for a top coat but a navy top coat is much more versatile.
Every guy should have a nice pair of dress shoes. Whether you like lace ups or loafers, invest in a black pair and brown. The brown pair of dress shoes can be paired with most color suit, very versatile.
Now this is my pet peeve. Grab a belt in black and brown to match with your dress shoes. When you wear black shoes, grab your black leather belt. When you wear your brown shoes, grab your brown belt. DO NOT MIX AND MATCH THE COLORS.
For that grey area of formality, chinos are perfect. Wear them with a polo for a casual look, or a button up and blazer to dress it up. We recommend putting the effort into finding a pair that'll fit your particular body and budget.

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