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Business Casual 101

Today we're going to do something a little different. We are going to explore business casual wear! 

Most guys work in an office where suits aren't required. But then the question comes up , "Well what do I wear to work and not look too dressy but still look professional?"  

Well I'm here to help! 


How To Wear A Tie Bar

The Tie bar is an essential menswear accessory that has resurfaced thanks to a revitalized interest in classic men’s style. A tie bar is a small detail that can have a big impact on a classic look. Here is how to wear it properly.
  • Purpose: A tie bar is meant to keep your tie fastened to your shirt. No one likes a tie that is blowing in the wind or stuck to one side of your jacket.
  • Styles: Tie bars come in two styles: pinch clasp and slide clasp. A pinch clasp will hold the tie more securely and it stays in place better. A pinch clasp tie bar is more appropriate for thicker fabrics. If your tie is made of a thinner fabric then I would suggest the slide clasp tie bar.
  • Placement: A tie bar should be placed between third and fourth buttons on your shirt.
  • Detail: Before you fasten your tie bar, pull your tie upward to blouse it slightly. This will add a nice bit of depth and will keep you from feeling constricted like the tie bar is holding you in place.
  • Angle: Always wear your tie bar perpendicular to your tie and never at an angle.
  • Color: You can never go wrong with silver. Silver is a classic color and it matches almost everything. If you prefer gold and you are wearing gold accessories than go for gold. Always make sure your metals match. Avoid colorful tie bars. A tie bar should be an accent and not the topic of conversation.
  • DON’TS ON WEARING A TIE BAR: A tie bar should not be worn with a vest or cardigan. The purpose of the tie bar is to hold the tie in place. If you are wearing a vest or cardigan it is already taken care of and a tie bar just becomes unnecessary.

6 Closet Hacks That Will Help You Dress Better

When was the last time you organized your closet, and I mean ORGANIZED it? Creating the most optimal workflow to efficiently find and combine pieces of clothing so that you can feel confident that you look your best every day? If you're like most guys, your response is: "Uh, never?"
It's ok if you haven't organized your closet. The problem for anyone is able to see the trees from the forest when it comes to your day-to-day style options. In order to create an amazing outfit your closet should have clear organization, clear choices, and minimal clutter.

Looks That Land The Job!

Scored an interview for your perfect job?! Congratulations! I know you're excited and ready to pull out that black suit and striped tie but hold on for just a second. There are actually a lot of different variations of outfits that will make a great impression at your interview!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

It's hard to be unique during the holiday of love and frankly, some people prefer the traditional box of chocolates and roses.
Your girlfriend or wife deserves the best, and sometimes this means getting something that reminds you both of how much you actually care about one another. This time around, we're keeping things cute and sappy, and found a few gifts that will have your lady smiling from ear to ear! 

Tips For My Big And Tall Men

We come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it can be difficult to find clothing that not only fits our personal style, but also our body.
The average size of an adult male in the US is about 5 feet 10 inches and 195 pounds with a waist circumference of 39 inches. Unfortunately, many of us deviate from that average. Most men can buy straight off of the rack while our larger guys find a harder time buying clothes. Regardless of what size you are, you can look stylish with these savvy tips.


Top Online Shops For Men

Shopping will always be the cure to a woman's bad day. She can shop all day and never get tired. For a man however, shopping is usually his worst enemy. Most men hate the thought of shopping and everything that goes with it. So here are a few online stores that are affordable and trendy for men. Now you're able to kick back, watch football, and shop. You're Welcome!


10 Menswear Pieces You Should Own In 2017

New Year’s Resolutions are a nice idea and everything, but all of that doesn’t do much for a man’s soul. Sure, it’s fun to imagine that you’ll give up drinking or take up singing lessons, but the reality is that beer tastes good and you’re not Usher. (Unless you are, in which case, welcome, I'm a HUGE fan.)
A much more realistic and fulfilling resolution is this: to finally invest in all those wardrobe staples that you neglected in 2016. Here are 10 items to get serious about in the New Year.


There's so much talk about this lately, ghosting must be at an all-time high.  And that's terrible, cause ghosting is some sucka shit and that means cowardice is becoming an epidemic.  SMH

Suit Buying 101

As young men get older, they want to ditch their baggy shirts and jeans for suits and more dress attire. The problem is most men don't know where to start with shopping for a suit. For one it is expensive if you start thinking about the tailored made route. Some of you just want a suit for special occasions; funerals and weddings, which means you don't want to spend that much. You don't have to have a tailored made suit to make a suit look good. 

Don't Let Patterns Scare You

Hey Men! Lets talk for a second. I know mixing patterns is scary because you don't want your outfit to do TOO much but you don't want to look plain. So here are a few rules that can help you figure out the concept of mixing patterns the right way. 
So if you are a beginner with mixing patterns, you want to start off with two of the same patterns. For example, a striped suit and striped shirt. When you mix two of the same patterns such as stripes, you have to make sure the patterns are different sizes. If you wear a wide pinstripe suit, you should pair it with a thin pinstripe shirt.   

Nobody's Perfect

So my girlfriend emails me about this date she had on Friday.  I was a little thrown because she had already said she didn't like the guy but she said she went out with him just to make sure her initial position wasn't taken in haste.  Okay, I guess I get that.  Long story short, her initial thoughts were confirmed but she left the date feeling a way about herself.  At some point during the date, the guy asked her what took her so long to give him a chance, because he didn't know what she was looking for but nobody's perfect.  It left her to question whether she was being too picky and expecting someone to be perfect.  

180 Degrees

I was exhausted last night so I didn't stay up to see the election results.  Either way it went, this country was gonna be up to it's ass in alligators.  Stranger things have happened, but I didn't think we were ever in any REAL danger of Trump becoming President.  I mean, who in their right mind would actually put the next four years in this man's hands?  Yeah, well..... imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to the shit storm of disappointment and anger flooding my Facebook timeline.  I was just as much in shock as I wasn't.  With everything else we've seen taking place in this country over the last couple of years, nothing should really surprise us anymore, so as much as I had hoped people's sensibilities would kick in at the polls, it wasn't completely unexpected.  It was just........ sad.



What Natural Hair Mean To Me/I'm A Bundle Virgin

Since my last trip to Georgia, I've been wearing an abundance of wigs. I've been wearing these wigs not by choice but out of convenience; I work and go to school both at a  full time schedule so the hair salon is not always an option for me. I want to include that I HATE WEARING WIGS AND WEAVES! Until this semester I would only wear a wig when wearing a costume otherwise, I wear a natural hairstyle. Wigs and weaves are nasty to me , they become matted and then shed. Your scalp sweats and the weave becomes stank and musty. I know that you can use items that can alleviate all of those things but I still feel that wearing your natural hair has always been a better option if you are able to do so. 


Halloween In The City 2016 - Part 2: The Annual Block Party

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween last weekend and this past Monday, especially people like me who wait 51 weeks for this one week a year where you can dress up in any character that your imagination desires! Halloween is the one holiday where you can act like a kid and drink like an adult at the SAME DAMN TIME……I love Halloween! Two weekends ago I went to a house party full dressed as a cute little Luigi from the Super Mario Brothers but for my next event this past Halloween season, cute was not going to cut it. Last weekend, I attended the Oak Lawn Annual Block Party in Cedar Springs hosted by the Dallas/Fort Worth Gay Association and it was live!


I get my groceries delivered - you know, cause I'm a princess - and I knew they were coming between the hours of 2 and 4 pm today.  I've been up since 7 watching season 1 of Quantico on Netflix, but I figured if I could tear myself away from it by like noon, I would have plenty of time to run up the ave and get a pedicure and be back in time for the delivery.  Any later than that and it wasn't gonna happen because by then, the shop would be packed.  


So it's a little after 12, I'm walking into the salon.  I go there all the time so the new chick is the first thing I notice.  The owner asks where my daughter is today so we're chopping it up, the whole time I'm thinking in the back of my mind I do not want the new chick.  But Mari, my regular girl was giving a manicure and the owner had gone back to watching Youtube or some shit with her earbuds in so I knew her ass wasn't working.  It was either wait or take the new girl.  Mari tends to have a lot of Saturday appointments too so waiting could leave me stuck.  I'm at the wall picking my color, sighing all kinds of hard in my head, but I turn around and smile as Rookie Rita goes to start the water.  She's going back and forth getting all the tools ready and I'm walking slow as hell across the room like it's the green mile, just knowing this is not gonna go well.  I tried to stay positive though; she might not be so bad.....


Who are we kidding?  The new chick is always bad.

Halloween In The City 2016 - Part 1: The Kickback

Anyone who knows me personally also knows that the holiday Halloween is my favorite! Now before I move on, I must state that no I do not worship the devil, at the same time I haven’t stepped into an actual church in a long time either! I love Halloween because that holiday is the first major holiday of my favorite season; what holiday is before that, Labor Day? Labor Day is not a real holiday...

Throwback Season

Welp.......  guess it's that time of year again.  No, not the holidays.  Throwback Season.  You know - that 4 to 6-week period right before Cuffing Season officially starts, when the lazy and uninspired make another run at their exes and former boos before putting in the work to find something new to get into.  You know me, I'm sentimental and shit, so I get a blast from the past and I'm like "I crossed your mind?  Aww, how sweet..."  (What?  Muhfuckas miss me sometimes LOL) but as soon as I look at the calendar, I know what time it is.  Some of y'all doing it wrong though, the trickery has got to stop!  *taps mic*  Can I have your attention, please?


Ziggy The Shoe Plug

Since living in Dallas I would like to say that I’ve somewhat have ventured out to a couple of retail areas where shopping at a CITI TRENDS and RAINBOW has become less than the last resort, as a matter of fact, you will rarely see me in neither. There are too many boutiques, consignment stores, and malls in Dallas to try to get an outfit to go out in from FUCKING SHITTY TRENDS….. but that is another blog topic or two for later on… Let me get back to the issue at hand.
Because I do have access to certain stores and shopping centers in Dallas, I receive requests from family members back at home (mainly women) to buy certain items such as shoes, clothes,  and Dallas Cowboy’s apparel. I even buy items such as shoes and jewelry bring them  back home to sell. You may ask why is there such a demand from my family to shop for them in Dallas? There is only one particular reason that I can think of…. EVERYTHING IS SO DAMN CHEAP! I recently brought Dallas Cowboys apparel for my family at the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop at great prices but did not buy anything for myself. If I only would’ve  brought a keychain and showed it to my husband, he would’ve burned it immediately! I’m sorry but we are a Broncos family in this home.  Overall, I enjoy shopping for my family in Dallas and sending merchandise that they can’t buy  but I was not ready for  the request that was asked of me last week.

Yup, Still Hate Daredevil

So I finally buckled down and watched the Daredevil installment of the Marvel series on Netflix. Turns out there are actually 2 seasons so I committed to knocking out both. I liked this version of the story because it was kinda different than what we've seen but I still stand firm; I just don't like the guy. No matter who plays him, no matter what the story line is, Daredevil is still kind of a douche LOL.

Marvel Dopeness

Yo!!! Have y'all checked out the Marvel series on Netflix? If you haven't, you might want to get your life together. Apparently, the first one was Daredevil, but Daredevil has been done...and done again...so I wasn't really checking for it initially. I started with Luke Cage, which is actually the third installment of the series.

My Lip Sync Trips To Georgia

Now that I'm back from Georgia and getting back to my daily schedule from participating in my first local lip sync competition in Savannah, normality has started.

First I would like to explain my social life living in Dallas, TX...

#NoBeyHive But Beyoncé Is The BEST Performer Alive.

Beyonce - The Formation World Tour (Atlanta, GA)


2016 has been a good year for me and seeing artists I like and/or respect. I've seen Scarface, Outkast, Ice Cube, A$AP Ferg, Busta Rhymes, Goodie MOB, Killer Mike, T.I., Erykah Badu, Juvenile, Mystikal, Bun B AND 8Ball & MJG. And ALL of those artists are dope and I respect all of their talents, contributions, and accomplishments. But September 26th, I reached the pinnacle of the concert mountain post Michael Jackson's and Prince's untimely deaths. 

The Art Of Organized Noize

The Art Of Organized Noize


I've been anticipating this for MONTHS. For those who may not know, Organized Noize is the production crew that was the creative force behind Outkast's and Goodie MOB's earliest albums, as well as Dungeon Family members Cool Breeze, Witchdoctor and Backbone. If you weren't around or just don't remember, Outkast's first album SouthernPlayalisticadillacmuzik, sonically changed hip-hop. And then to follow it up with Goodie MOB's debut album, Soul Food, Organized Noize solidified themselves as pioneers in not only southern hip-hop, but hip-hop as a whole. And yes, I would put Organized Noize as one of my top 3 producers of ALL TIME.

But hey, this blog isn't about that. It's about the documentary The Art Of Organized Noize that is now available on Netflix. I've always been a Dungeon Family fan, so I was always familiar with the Organized Noize. But this film did an excellent job of breaking down how influential Organized Noize was to southern hip-hop as a whole. It was amazing at the time to have production with NO sampling...just live instrumentation, funky ass bass and thunderous 808s. To think that they are overlooked by the majority of hip-hop fans has always bothered me. Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown really crafted a sound that could not be imitated.

There was a lot of informative stuff in this documentary that even I didn't know. To see that Puffy, of all people, directed Outkast's first video for Player's Ball was shocking to me. To learn about the formation of the Dungeon Crew and how they came up with the name is great. It's so much good stuff packed into this documentary. You had commentary from everyone...Pebbles, LA Reid, 2 Chainz, Ludacris, Puffy, Outkast, and others. They also touched on the creation of Outkast's classic debut as well as the making of TLC's Waterfalls. I was thoroughly impressed by this and hopefully, Organized Noize can get their accolades on a national level finally.

I definitely recommend this. It's worth the viewing.


Sleepy Brown, Ray Murray, & Rico Wade (Organized Noize)

Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton


By now, I hope everyone has seen the critically acclaimed biopic about N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton. If you haven't seen it, please get off your ass this weekend and go see (support) this movie. The director F. Gary Gray, who has worked with Ice Cube on many different projects including the classic Friday, did an A-1 job with delivering a well fleshed out, cohesive movie. 

I didn't have high expectations for this movie when the idea was first discussed earlier this year. All of the biopics that I saw had a B-Level feel to them. The TLC biopic CrazySexyCool was supremely mediocre. I didn't see Aaliyah's biopic The Princess of R&B, but it seems like NOBODY was impressed or approving of that. Whitney Houston's biopic Whitney was a typical Lifetime movie. And Biggie's biopic Notorious could have been SOOOOO much better. While Notorious wasn't "bad", it just felt empty after it was over. And Biggie had such an impact on hip-hop and hip-hop culture, that the movie could've been a classic. So my trepidation about an N.W.A. biopic was justified in my opinion.

But sometime this spring, I saw the first official trailer for Straight Outta Compton. My interest level shot through the roof. So as the months went by and the movie was given a release date, I got excited. I don't usually get excited for movie releases. With the exception of Avengers 2, I can't recall a movie that I was anxious to see. In June, I saw an interview on either complex.com or youtube with Ice Cube. Cube was talking about how the point of the movie was to show the rise of N.W.A. through each member's eyes, more specifically Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E. Then I saw the second trailer and I knew that this movie would be EPIC.


My 20 Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Songs of ALL Time

Top 20 Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Songs

I was up the other night going through my Spotify playlists looking for Dr. Dre's The Chronic album. And much to my disappointment, I could not find it. I went to Google to find out why The Chronic wasn't on Spotify and I learned that Dr. Dre's deal with Beats By Dre had a clause that his music couldn't be on any streaming sites. 

After learning that, I got to thinking about my favorite rap songs of ALL time. Now keep in mind, I'm not saying these are the best hip-hop/rap songs. That conversation would NEVER come to a general consensus. These 20 songs are songs that no matter where I am or what I'm doing, these songs make me feel good. These songs take me to an audio heaven. The production, the lyrics, the time frame these songs were released, and the overall structure of these songs makes me LOVE these songs.

So without further delay, I introduce to you, my top 20 favorite songs:

Honorable Mention

  • Run DMC - Rock Box
  • N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
  • LL Cool J - Boomin System
  • BONE - Thuggish Ruggish Bone
  • Above The Law - Murder Rap

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